Photo Report: Balming Tiger, Berlin, 23/5/22

A gang of Koreaboos, hip-hop heads and art kids descended on Berghain Kantine on an unassuming Monday evening in May. A photo report of Balming Tiger’s final show on their Tiny Tour of Europe.

Balming Tiger: Making Kpop Weird

Balming Tiger are a South Korean arts and music collective with a penchant for the eclectic. Their sound is diverse, and hits like the Ritalin-deprived lovechild of Odd Future and meme-era Awkwafina. Their latest single “KOLO KOLO” released a few weeks ago is a zany, jungle-soul track that flips between English, and nonsensical gibberish lyrics.Continue reading “Balming Tiger: Making Kpop Weird”