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Good Evening, Europe // On Eurovision

We’ve all missed friends and family so much, realising perhaps how much we took for granted, and I think I’ve realised that, in a sense, Eurovision was one more friend I haven’t been able to see in a long time. The anticipation I now feel that I’ll be meeting her again so soon is making me all the more excited for the more significant reunions to come.

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Girl Sweetvoiced

No more can be written of Sappho without assuming a certain reality that may or may not have existed, and really this is the nature of her mythology. That every element of her music is music-less is part of the Sapphic music. That Sappho’s lyre will never produce a tone again, stimulates the continuity of her music, the listening for what can’t be heard.

UK, Hun?

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has helped a weary nation through one of the bleakest winters in memory. So eat your heart out Shakespeare, revise that speech Churchill, frankly shut up Boris, it’s the queens of Series 2 that are giving me most to feel patriotic about in 2021.


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