Heard Melodies

‘Heard Melodies’ is a column in which the untold stories of music history are explored in a new light. If you are interested in contributing your own perspective on music, pop culture, and society, please contact us at hello@deadset.press.

Heard melodies are sweet

But those unheard are sweeter

John Keats

A Euphoric Generation

A show like Euphoria, while no doubt sensationalised, offers insight into the complexities of those we may not fully understand. The very same people we at times even marginalise in society.

Good Evening, Europe // On Eurovision

I can’t quite express the joy that rippled through me as I watched performer after performer take to the stage. In a gloriously glittery range of out-there outfits, each tantalising glimpse of LED-soaked choreo, avant-garde Francophone balladry or even awkward green-screen gaffes had me gagging for more. At long last, the rehearsals have begun for…

Girl Sweetvoiced

No more can be written of Sappho without assuming a certain reality that may or may not have existed, and really this is the nature of her mythology. That every element of her music is music-less is part of the Sapphic music. That Sappho’s lyre will never produce a tone again, stimulates the continuity of…

UK, Hun?

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has helped a weary nation through one of the bleakest winters in memory. So eat your heart out Shakespeare, revise that speech Churchill, frankly shut up Boris, it’s the queens of Series 2 that are giving me most to feel patriotic about in 2021.


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