Photo Report // Komiks Warehouse December 22

Secret warehouse parties and techno go hand in hand. For the much anticipated return of Komiks this winter, devotees had to wait until the day of the event to find out where it was being held.

And so it was that we descended upon a former luxury indoor golf arena (??) to find a wonderfully alternative universe where an apparent construction site with open rooftops and girders became a haven of electronic music.

It’s these surrounds that make such events in Prague so unique. Compared to other major European cities, Prague is so easily accessible by public transport, this world created by Komiks was a mere 15 minute drive across town, and overlooked the historic quarter of Vyšehrad, no doubt swarming with tourists and Christmas market goers earlier in the day.

The music was an eclectic mix of progressive tech downstairs and harder hitting darkwave and dirty techno upstairs. Each set was as unpredictable as it was satisfying to hear and dance to back to back to back until the early hours of the morning (though admittedly I bailed earlier due to a wedding the next day).

It was a welcome return to form for the Komiks crew after the pandemic, another of a series of major events taking place in recent months after almost three years of waiting.

The production value was most impressive and that’s even without mentioning the epic laser and lights setup in the actual golf arena, set up as a kind of larger-than-life fish aquarium for us to peer into from above.

Their next event on New year’s Eve is surely not to be missed.


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