Photo Report: JPEGMAFIA Live in Sydney 30/6/22

After three years locked out of the country, I was able to travel back into Australia and catch a show at Sydney’s beloved Enmore Theatre. It was a wet June evening, and I managed to sneak in the back just as JPEG took to the stage, without even a DJ to accompany him.

I was curious as to how the times have changed across the years. Me, now in my 30s, the next generation is well and truly carrying the torch. It’s easy to make fun of the next generation, in fact it’s something of a generational tradition. However, I prefer to study them, their fashion and how they behave in mobs as some kind of anthropological curiosity.

JPEGMafia draws a specific kind of crowd, hip-hop heads, streetwear nerds, alternative art types…between the lack of DJ, self-deprecating humour, nihilistic outlook and Carly Rae Jepsen cover, it was easy to see a fun time was had by all. And for me, a personal welcome back to my city – both foreign and comfortingly familiar at the same time.

Published by Kevin Loo

Live, laugh, stare into the existential void, love

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